Shield RMSx Red Dot

Shield RMSx Red Dot I received today from Shield the brand new red dot they are releasing the 26th of November for competitive shooters, I […]

Bul Cup 2021

Bul Cup 2021 I shot the Bul Cup 2021 in Philippsburg, Germany on October 17th. I was not registered at the beginning but I got […]

Master Handgun 2021

Master Handgun 2021 I shot the Master Optic Sight 2021 match (French Handgun Championship under another name) on October 1st at the CNTS in Châteauroux. […]

DAA Lynx Belt

DAA Lynx Belt IPSCSTORE sent me the new IPSC belt from Double Alpha Academy, the Lynx! There wasn’t much innovation possible on the IPSC belts, […]

Extreme Euro Open Stages

The 30 stages of the l’Extreme Euro Open The first day was not very good, the lack of competition and training because of the confinement […]

Extreme Euro Open 2021

Extreme Euro Open 2021 We just shot the Extreme Euro Open 2021 in Hodonice, Czech Republic last week. First real match since…..The European Championships in […]

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Since I'm confined and more than 10 km from the range I can't shoot 🙁 so I'm keeping busy as I can. I ordered a few days ago on ipscstore.com a replacement barrel bushing for my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Ready. And so this morning I decided to change it.

Handgun & PCC Trophy Vertus 2020

Handgun & PCC Trophy Vertus 2020 Between 2 confinements I was able to go and shoot the Match Handgun and PCC Trophy Vertus 2020, 6 […]

French National Handgun 2019

French National Handgun 2019 I spent this week under the sun of Châteauroux, with to start the TSV Handgun Instructor course led by our seven times world champion and our Regional Director.

Rifle French National 2019

The French Rifle championship was a 12 stages match (the minimum for a Level III) for about 200 rounds. This year no target at more than 200m. I have (unfortunately) badly shot the two long courses (3 and 10), on one I did a huge time (lost my brain) and on the other I did 4 miss ….

CZ SP01 Shadow Production Optics

CZ SP01 Shadow Production Optics I shoot in Production Optics since last year with my CZ Shadow 2. I had a CZ SP01 in backup […]

2019 IPSC Rule Books

2019 IPSC Rule Books Here are the latest 2019 Rule Books updated with information for the new Divisions: Production Optics, Optics Light Production, Caliber Carabin […]

I started IPSC in 2012 at Pontoise shooting in Production with a CZ SP 01. We had to migrate to AST Roissy quickly following the closure of the IPSC section in Pontoise.

In 2013 I started shooting Rifle with an AR 15 from BGM (XBR 15 in 14.5) in Open Semi-Auto . I love Rifle even if not many competitions are avaialble in France. I think it’s more technical because of the distances and the management of the scope (Swarovski Z8i).

I moved to Production Optics since the division was available following a failed surgery on my right eye. I see blurry at all distances with it now 🙁

I shoot matches in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Slovakia, Serbia …. While waiting to cross the Atlantic or to fly in Asia 🙂

Since 2019, I am Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Range Officier and Handgun Instructor.

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