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Extreme Euro Open 2022

Extreme Euro Open 2022 We shot the Extreme Euro Open 2022 in Czech Republic last week, still at Hodonice shooting range with its 30 stages […]

Infinity Open 2022

Infinity Open 2022 Last weekend we shot the Handgun Level III Infinity Open 2022 match in Philippsburg, Germany. 2 years of postponement because of the […]

Shield RMSx Red dot for Production Optic

Shield RMSx Red dot for Production Optic Today despite the cool weather I went to train with my friend Cédric. We were looking at the […]

Dry Fire

Dry Fire Training I have been looking for a long time for a solution to do dry fire training at home. But I had not […]

Shield RMSx Red Dot

Shield RMSx Red Dot I received today from Shield the brand new red dot they are releasing the 26th of November for competitive shooters, I […]

Master Handgun 2021

Master Handgun 2021 I shot the Master Optic Sight 2021 match (French Handgun Championship under another name) on October 1st at the CNTS in Châteauroux. […]

Extreme Euro Open Stages

The 30 stages of the l’Extreme Euro Open The first day was not very good, the lack of competition and training because of the confinement […]

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Since I'm confined and more than 10 km from the range I can't shoot 🙁 so I'm keeping busy as I can. I ordered a few days ago on a replacement barrel bushing for my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Ready. And so this morning I decided to change it.

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