Shield RMSx Red Dot

Shield RMSx Red Dot I received today from Shield the brand new red dot they are releasing the 26th of November for competitive shooters, I […]

Hoster Ghost Hydra

Hoster Ghost Hydra I received from ipscstore.com the new Hydra holster from Ghost which is a hybrid holster between the classic Ghost The one Evo […]

DAA Lynx Belt

DAA Lynx Belt IPSCSTORE sent me the new IPSC belt from Double Alpha Academy, the Lynx! There wasn’t much innovation possible on the IPSC belts, […]

Dillon 650 Press Customization

Dillon 650 press customization with Armanov accessories To fluidify the use of my Dillon 650 press dedicated to the reloading of 9X19, I installed some Armanov […]

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic

Barrel Bushing replacement on my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Since I'm confined and more than 10 km from the range I can't shoot 🙁 so I'm keeping busy as I can. I ordered a few days ago on ipscstore.com a replacement barrel bushing for my CZ Shadow 2 Prod Optic Ready. And so this morning I decided to change it.

Shield Red Dot on my Shadows

So I equipped my Shadow 2 of the time with the adequate mounting plate from Shield on which I installed a Shield Mini-sight 4 Moa. I heard a lot about the Shields, but my one lasted 50,000 times!

DAA primer Pro

DAA primer Pro I purchased the primer tube filler from Double Alpha Academy this week at the Exchange Armory. I have only used it with Fiocchi Small Pistol primers,

CZ for Production Optics Division

CZ for Production Optics Division Here are 2 pictures in 360° of my CZ used in Production Optics 

Before starting IPSC I reloaded 9/19, 38 WC, 357 and 32 match. All this on a good old RCBS Rock Chucker press.

Obviously with IPSC, you will forget very quickly the old good mono post  🙂 So I invested first in a Dillon 550 press, purchased from BGM and sold by my friend Pascal, the reloading specialist. I started reloading the 9mm then the 223 on it. It’s really a very reliable and very reliable press.

I then bought a Dillon 650XL press with case and bullet feeder that is exclusively dedicated to reloading 9/19 for my CZs. There is a little more effort to control this press compared to the 550, but when you have had all the possible problems the first time, you know how to fix them  later 🙂

I added few accessories from Double Alfa and Armanov, I can reload around 800 rounds per hour. It’s enough for me, no need to buy on a 1050 yet.

I also changed a lot of parts on my aR15 to improve it (even if the base Alain from BGM has done is very good), same thing on my CZs.

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